Monday, August 27, 2012

Sharing Knowledge Is To Be Divine

Saturday, I decided to get off my sissy pants butt and do a 91 mile motorcycle poker fun run to benefit a local animal shelter.  I telephoned the organizer to tell him I was a novice rider and was the ride up to my skills set.  He said 'no worries, I'll take good care of you'.  91 miles later, I learned how to back the bike up into a spot on a gravel surface; how to start the bike when stopped on a steep hill, how to really look where I want to go on curves - which made for a lot of fun, and to take the plunge on a major highway and let it  go at 65-70mph.

Here's Your Healthy Tip of the Day:  All along this ride, veteran riders kept giving me pointers and advice and were most kind and generous with their knowledge.They shared their years of experience , offered gentle encouragement, and when I finally backed the bike into a spot without any assistance, they all clapped and cheered me on.  Knowledge is power, but to share it with others is to be Divine.  If you're an expert of anything, be generous...share it with others.  After all, someone gave you a piece of their know-how way back when.  A special thank you to Jim and all the other folks who participated in the Sullivan County Roars For Paws Ride...they raised $1700 for the shelter.  Way to go!

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