Thursday, February 13, 2014

Doctor Heal Thyself

Here's Your Healthy Tip of the Day:  Well, here I go again.  Four years after the first arthroscopic knee surgery, I've had another, more invasive surgery on the same knee...just buying time until there's nothing left and I've got to replace the joint; but until they tell me they've got a bionic part for me so I can leap the tallest buildings in a single bound, I'll do the best I can with what I've got left.  That being said, I've got six weeks of physical therapy ahead of me and some life style changes to make during those six weeks.  Since I've already been through this experience, I know where I made my mistakes over the past four years and why I've landed in the same situation again.  For starters, no pityparty!  I've the green light yesterday to get into the pool, so I'm charging up my waterproof ipod and it's into the pool with me today to begin walking and then do some upper body workout with the pull buoy between my legs.  I might only last 15 minutes, but it's a start!  Second, I've gone back online to "Lose It" - the FREE online app where you can count your daily/weekly calories and track your exercise regimes.  Excess weight is just terrible for the knees, so I will lead by example and I've got a goal of 10lbs to lose by April 1st.  Planning my meals and weighing my foods helps tremendously.  I have helped many a patient lose 50lbs or more, so I should be able to help my own fat self.  Third, I'll be receiving acupuncture from my mentor (sorry folks - you don't get to stick me), doing my physical therapy and doing what my therapist tells me to do - stay on the crutches, keep the leg up and don't go out in the snow on the crutches.  Fourth, I'll be changing my mental attitude and setting new lifestyle goals.  Unfortunately, I cannot kid myself anymore.  There will be no more jumping rope, running or kicking bags or people for fun.....what a drag....BUT, there will be swimming, spinning, some boxing, conditioning, and just maybe......some tennis down the road one of these days.  I still don't count golf as anything other than a lovely day outdoors.  So, stay tuned for more news and if you are rehabbing from your own surgery or injury, please feel free to comment or post with your own progress or questions, funny stories or observations.  There's safety in numbers.  Doctor Heal Thyself....JUST YOU WAIT AND WATCH WHAT I CAN REALLY DO!!!

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