Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy New Year and Here We Go Again....SWIM!

I began writing this blog just shy of 4 years ago when I sent you all my daily diary of rehabbing from arthroscopic knee surgery.  Well, I got 4 good years of jumping, dancing, kicking, biking, cycling and swimming out of this old bag of bones, but like everything else....all good things come to a turning point....
I wore out the stupid knee again.  So it's back to the surgeon to have a bit more scoped out of the left knee to make some space between the bones so they stop grinding against one another.  Surgery is scheduled for the last Wednesday of January. Now that I'm a seasoned veteran of how all this works (and the right knee has just about had it as well), I'm changing my motis operandum to prep for this upcoming shindig.  I've been spinning, doing yoga and my new 'fun' (not) sport of swimming.  Swimming is a wonderful exercise that hits all areas of the body without the impact of most other activities - and it's good for your knees.  (Funny, my mother used to say calves' livers were good for me.  Why is it that what you dislike the most is the best for you?)

Here's Your Healthy Tip of the Day:  SWIM, SWIM, AND SWIM SOME MORE!  And if swimming in a pool is boring, here's the skinny - purchase an Aquaflood!  Aquaflood is a WATERPROOF IPOD made specifically for swimming.  It take the monotony out of the laps and if you're lucky enough to swim outdoors, there's nothing like looking at the clouds doing a backstroke and listening to Buena Vista Social Club while you're at it.
I used to really hate to swim.  Now I actually LIKE to swim....and like the damn's good for me!
I'll be keeping you all abreast of my progress through this second journey down the 'no knees' path.  Happy New Year and stay tuned for more healthy tips!

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