Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's Getting Warm...Time To Plant That Garden

Here's Your Healthy Tip of the Day:  The weather is becoming warmer here in the North East and it's time for Spring planting.  Don't injure yourself while trying to do too much at one time or over-reaching, lifting or bending.  Get 2 cheap spackle buckets from Home Depot.  Use one  for all your short handled gardening tools, so you don't have to go back and forth 900 times during the day. It is also the perfect size for weeds...when the bucket is full, it won't weigh so much that you can injure yourself carrying it to a mulch pile or trash.  Turn over the other bucket and use it as a seat, so you're not leaning and putting weight on your knees nor taxing your lower back.  Don't forget your bug spray, sunscreen, floppy hat and sunglasses.  Most importantly....hydrate!  A large thermos of cold water or non-sugary, non-alcoholic beverage is best when working in the sun!  Have fun and be safe this weekend!

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