Friday, January 25, 2013

It's The Small Things In Life

Today, my little friend, Cooper, will be spending the day with me.  Oh boy!  A whole play day with a lovely little golden retriever puppy!  I've planned a big walk to the doggie store so we can select a few toys, but Cooper has no coat and it's 18 degrees out there.  He's about the same size as my Sooki was fully grown, so I'm going to let Cooper wear Sooki's red coat for the next few weeks until he grows out of it (he's 6months old and still growing!).  The coat's been in a trunk for almost 3 years now.  It no longer smells like my old friend; but she wouldn't mind sharing her coat with another golden - she shared everything with her doggie friends.

Here's Your Healthy Tip of the Day:  If you've lost your beloved dog and you still have a coat, sweater, toys, blankets...why not donate them to a grass roots shelter or a dog who needs to stay warm this winter, or doesn't have a toy to play with.  It will make you feel good, make you smile, and will honor the memory of your best friend.

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