Thursday, December 6, 2012

I Like To Swim, I Like To Swim, I Like To Swim

When you learn how to swim, you are invariably taught the mantra to chant with every stroke into the water, 'I like to swim'.  As a novice swimmer who had less than 3 months to learn how to swim a mile for a  triathlon some years back, swallowing cold chlorine water, nearly drowning and struggling 3 days a week in the pool had me making my own mantra of 'I hate to swim, I hate to swim'.... Several triathlons and many miles later, I'm proud to say that yes, I CAN swim a mile.  I just don't like pools that are cold and filled with other people; it's like being in a community bathtub...ugh!

Here's Your Healthy Tip of the Day:  Although I really hate to swim, I get into the pool and do laps.  I practice drills with and without a pullbuoy, use a kickboard and practice all the exercises I was taught when training for triathlons.  Swimming is good for you; it's non-impact on the joints; the cool water can aid in reducing inflammation of joints and you really will get a  good workout in a half hour.  Just remember your mantra....I LOVE to swim, I HATE to swim, I LOVE to's just one of those relationships.....

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