Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Downtown Alliance Grant...Shame On You!

Here's Your Healthy Tip of the Day:  Many of us who have small businesses in the downtown Manhattan area were OUT of business for over a week or more, and some are still not up and running...weeks after Hurricane Sandy.  Because we are in Zone C, we are not considered eligible for aid, even though our businesses have been affected tremendously.  To add insult to injury, even if we were in Zone A, here is a list of all the small businesses that are NOT eligible for a grant to help with the ongoing losses and losses sustained due to no power, etc:  home businesses, wholesale trade, accommodations, banking and financial services, business or professional services such as architect/engineers, lawyers, accountants, tax preparers, health, medical and employment services.  Hey...Downtown Alliance!  This is biased and discrimination against small businesses in the Downtown Manhattan area that make this community a much better place to live and work.  Shame on you from all of us small business owners who have been discriminated against and barred from the same rights as other discretionary industries....what, except for the food and retail industries is left for grants????  Our professions are not worthy???????

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