Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Expand Your Horizons and Get Out of the Box

Over the weekend, I participated in O'Toole's Harley-Davison's demo ride weekend.  This means that if you have a motorcycle license and can ride a bike, you are entitled to sign up to test ride any 2013 model Harley for free.  I ride a 883 Sportster Low which is a very nice bike but it was time to get 'out of the comfort zone' and try something different.  So, I took off my little girl sissypants and put the big girl panties on and rode Soft Tails.  Wow, what a difference the center of gravity made.  These motorcycles are heavier, have more muscle and are bigger overalll, but just so elegant to ride.  Curves were easy-breezy and turning them 90 degrees was just so effortless. Afterward, when I rode my own little Sportster, I found that I was handling it better than ever.  The little Sportster used to make me a little nervous, but after riding the bigger Soft Tails, me and my little bike are best friends.

Here's Your Healthy Tip of the Day: It takes a bit of courage sometimes to get to where you'd like to be or enjoy certain experiences.  Pull up your boots, put the big pants on and sink your teeth into a challenge.  You'll be surprised that your consternation of the unknown is usually unfounded.  I had some great rides, I'm hooked on those Harley Soft Tails, but now, me and my little Sportster have become best-est buddies.  A special thank you to O'Toole's for giving me such a wonderful experience and sharing their fleet of Harleys.

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