Thursday, November 15, 2012

Patience Is A Healthy Virtue

Recently, I travelled with my companion to sunny Florida.  We thought we'd save time and do the carry on bags rather than check in.  WRONG!  I sailed through security - acupuncture needles, lancets, and other medical equipment I normally travel with; plus, golf divet tool and tees.  My companion followed right behind me with tees, divet tool and shaving materials.  After about 20 minutes of the TSA office pulling everything out of his suitcase and scanning the contents about 4 or more times, the question was....'gee, what's this?'  It was a wooden golf tee.....Homeland Security????  God help the USA with the idiots they hire for security at the airports.  We could have been upset, but we kept our cool.  You see, there was another person who passed through security with two bamboo kali sticks (fighting martial arts sticks and quite deadly items)...HUH?????????

Here's Your Healthy Tip of the Day:  During this holiday season, if you are flying somewhere, remember to keep your patience and stay calm when confronted with stupidity and idiocy at the security counter.  It will be better for your blood pressure, you won't cause yourself more problems from someone who shouldn't hold a security job and you'll be in a better frame of mind for your holiday.


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