Monday, July 16, 2012

Another Reason Why You Should Stay Fit and Limber

This weekend, it finally happened....taking a slow uturn on an uphill...I dropped the Harley.  I just didn't give it enough throttle.  As the bike was going down, my instinct took over and I leapt approximately 8 ft away from the bike.  Although I landed on my feet like a cat and without a scratch, I did pull a hamstring...ouch to say the least.  So, I turned the engine off and started to walk out the pull.  A nice fellow stopped by on his farm truck and helped me pick up the bike and get it turned and down the hill.  I decided the hamstring was good enough to continue and enjoyed a lovely ride through the farm roads.

Here's Your Healthy Tip of the Day:  OK, I've got a really sore hamstring today, but it's because I pushed off my left leg with everything I had to leap 8ft from the bike to safety.  If I weren't in good physical condition and limber (let's talk yoga here), I could never have gotten away from the bike, which could have landed on me, resulting in a big injury.  For all you riders out there, I've got some good advice....cardio and yoga will get you free of the bike if it goes down and don't forget TO TURN THE ENGINE OFF!

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